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Micha Goldberg – Invisible to Drones

The goal for this pre-project is to create a language of walk in an ongoing transformation – so visible that you become invisible.

With Invisible to Drones performer and theatermaker Micha Goldberg aim to develop a walking practice that embrace two approaches: A somatic one that with hyper sensibility for the weight in relation to the body posture create a walk in constant change, and on the other hand aestheticized walks from the pop culture like the itchy chimp walk, gentleman walk, preppy walk and the moon walk.

Studiovisning på DansiT torsdag 24. januar kl. 15.00.


Concept/performer: Micha Goldberg
Performer: Simon van Scheylenbergh
Supported by: Cementfestival den Bosch, Pianofabrik Brussels, Norsk Kulturråd, DansiT, Sånafest.