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Foto: Thies Rätzke

Jenny Beyer – DEUX

Choreographer Jenny Beyer and her artistic partners Chris Leuenberger and Nina Wollny are working on the piece DEUX, which will premiere in April 2021 simultaneously in Hamburg/Germany and Trondheim.

DEUX is dedicated to the duet as the smallest denominator of encounter in dance and is being created as part of the research project DAS OFFENE STUDIO (THE OPEN STUDIO), in which Jenny Beyer and her team are committed to integrating spectators into artistic processes. Under the impression of the pandemic, DEUX focuses especially on the encounter of two people as a precarious, intimate and collaborative undertaking. The requirement of distance imposed by the pandemic becomes the playing field and the condition of the encounter: Nina Wollny is in Trondheim and Jenny Beyer is in Hamburg – throughout the whole rehearsal process and the performances they only meet virtually. What does proximity mean right now? What is the value of the empty space between us? How do we fill it?


Concept: Jenny Beyer
Performance, Choreography: Nina Wollny, Chris Leuenberger, Jenny Beyer
Music: Jetzmann
Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic, Anne Kersting
Artistic production management/press: Stückliesel
Photo: Thies Rätzke

In co-production with Kampnagel Hamburg
In cooperation with K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg and the MA programme Contemporary Dance Education, Frankfurt,
Funded by the Hamburg Department of Culture
Supported by residencies at Tanzhaus Zürich and DansiT in Trondheim.