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How To Save You From Yourself med Thami Hector

25. mars 2022 - kl.10:00 1,5 time Sted: DansiT PRODA

The class is based on principles and methods related to the process of working with How to. A score shown at Rosendal Theater during the Multiplie festival. Thami will share his process with the solo work through giving a peek into his movement practices, choreographic approach and thematics.

Bring at least one or two objects of your preference, it could be anything, they will be used as props for the workshop.

Om Thami Hector

Thami Hector Manekehla is a dancer and choreographer, born and raised in Soweto, South Africa under the Apartheid regime. He describes his path into dance as a self-practice where he has acquired knowledge through workshops and meetings with various artists, as opposed to traditional formal dance education. Thami has worked all over the world with well-known names such as Kettly Noel, Gilles Jobin and Maria La Ribot and Mia Habib. Manekehla’s own work is characterized by a clean-cut perfected simplicity where abstraction allows for associations. Often with a harsh political undertone. His work has touched on cultural ideas about masculinity, taboos around sexuality and racial issues.  He also developed work with Ligia Lewis and Jonathan Gonzalez around the theme ‘Blackness’ Titled: Minor Matter. Thami has been working with Maria La Ribot since 2016. Theatre Gruitli in Geneva Switzerland invited Thami to share with the world his latest solo work titled: More and More. A piece that mainly focuses on the relationship between memory of the other and death.